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Jan 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
dunes that just moved around. >> here is an 1875 map of the laguna. says along the side of the map, high sand hills between the pacific ocean and the like. by the way, this had actually opened directly into the ocean. >> lake merced had a high water level. since we paid over much of the city, the water levels have dropped, but at one time, the late actually trade out into the ocean approximately where the dog diner is that now. somewhere in the 1870's, they saw the damage at the water in the late so it did not exit out uncontrolled, and for 10 years, people were drinking lake merced water as drinking water. it is much bigger, too. if you go to san francisco state, the practice will appeal this part of the lake. i do daily city, that was part of the lake. it was huge. >> the southern area [inaudible] but there is a different area. >> there was a creek that came down basically through west portal and said that particular lake. >> that was filled in when they develop west portal, and they had the brilliant idea when they dug but,, they needed a place to put it, so they build the creek in wi
Jan 1, 2013 4:30am PST
was laguna honda hospital. thank you. >> mr. president, supervisors, my name's otto duffy, north of market activist. i just saw the film lincoln and i'm just struck by a number of parallels with this body. but it occurred to me that you folks are probably pretty busy people appear you might not have had a chance to see it so i don't want as to destroy the ending. i also want to thank our outgoing members here very much. i would just say that, in one case, there's a person who has very much on the other side of the political spectrum, and i think in all of eight years there was maybe one time we were on the same side but i really appreciated that time. so thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. and i want to welcome back former supervisor willie kenne kennedy. >> good evening. members of the board of supervisors, it's a pleasure to visit you today. but i came actually to hear, on behalf of the successor agency commission that was before you today. i didn't realize it had already been done. but nevertheless i enjoyed sitting through it and listening to it once again. it brought back old mem
Jan 4, 2013 5:30pm EST
octubre, la temporada de sequía ha empezado en este lugar. en la laguna, el lugar de cacería de las cigüeñas se ha secado. ♪ utilizando las tres garras más grandes en las patas frontales, el oso hormiguero gigante rompe la dura superficie. ella se las arregla para evitar el hambre caminando por su territorio de 200 hectáreas en busca de algo fresco. el armadillo se ve forzado a dejar a su bebé y salir al campo en busca de comida. hasta las vacas adelgazan. las difíciles condiciones pondrán a prueba al joven tamandúa hasta el final. una zarigüeya se aventura con sus bebés en la espalda, pero este lugar ya está ocupado. con hambre o sin hambre ella prefiere no cruzarse en el camino de los extraños. es más seguro en los árboles. el calor cobra su cuota, por primera vez el tamandúa ve a la muerte de cerca. ♪ pero no hay tiempo para observar, deberá encontar comida o él será el siguiente cadáver. su primo, el oso hormiguero gigante sufre menos riesgo. ella ya ha sobrevivido a algunas temporadas de sequía, por lo que ella sabe dónde encontrar reservas de emergenci
Jan 28, 2013 8:00pm EST
at laguna beach. so you go and hit the highway and the traffic and the blueprint has to get the manufacturing to get the proteins made. so it's really being able to look at this and take this example and put it on top. that's where the blueprint of the cancerous. the rna follows the protein system, which makes these bad
Jan 25, 2013 4:00am PST
cal. its heading over the top of the los angeles area. long beach, laguna, owing side will get rain this morning and eventually san diego too. this has its sight set on l.a. heading due northward and batch of heavier stuff coming up to los angeles. not moving too far inland it will be lighter amounts as we get up to san bernardino. san diego, most of it is off the coast. i think san diego you're probably going to have likely period of rain. a little slow there. a front big huge storm went up just north of juneau last night. cooling things off. this will bring changing weather pattern for the weekend. we'll linger with this trough and cause scattered showers and a lot of clouds and cooler temperatures. batch of rain this morning with that cutoff upper low that's dying off the coast. that's why we'll have the chance of rain from phoenix to l.a. today. the front to north and continues through your weekend. that okay. california the rainiest weather of the weekend is this morning. speaking of weekend forecast that will be coming right up. >>> looking forward to that. up next medical sci
Jan 24, 2013 7:30pm PST
the water from leaking laguna runs underground out to golden gate park. it covers about two or three blocks along side to seventh avenue. there was a lot of water damage we might have even had some liquefaction soil failure. we had a major failure. >> that's right. this tribute goes all the way to golden gate. this is in a mountain lake and beyond ththat, it was a surface flow. this is a reservoir. on my right is this defensive the positive dune sand. the wind blows, it comes from the ocean beach. because the sand is moving, you can see evidence along this side of the hill in 1989. the vibrations in accelerated. you have a significant amount of movement to the point that the homes that uc had very severe damage for two blocks. we recognized what the problem was at the time, it was a matter of loose sand on a very steep slope. thank you for the effort. we were able to get federal funding and design which you see in the upper walls. the lower walls was actually billed as part of the wpa. the upper wall was built in 1991-'92. this is a concrete wall and it has rocked going through the wall tha
Jan 26, 2013 6:30pm EST
terminó 4 a 1 favor de lamnu y estamparon su pase a los octavos de final >> santos laguna recibió a los panzas verde, nestor calderón la baja y se la deja a rodolfo salinas que saca un cohetazo, en el segundo tiempo en el ataque con un gran pase, con su cabeza la mete en el área para que oribe peralta anote de palomita, 2 0, leon sigu esin ganar, en otro encuentro el rebaño sagrado visitó a morelia, gran pase del pato araujo para marquez lugo 1 a 0 se iba adelante las chivas, que bonito señorito, chivas jugando con 10, y viene el empate con el gol de joao rojas >> mañana no se puede perder republica deportiva y después toluca contra pumas >> estaremos muy pendientes, temrinamos en la bellisima belleza con la majestuosidad, con idsfraces de plumas mascaras desfilaron al rededor de la plaza de san marcos >> los dsfiles se organizan hasta el 12 de febrero, el carnaval se remotan en la edad media, donde los novios viajaban para mezclarse >> bellisima ciudad >> una escenografia de película permanente >> así llegamos al final con las noticias más importanes, más adelante tendremos
Jan 28, 2013 8:00am EST
and a blue print being developed at an ark churl firm and manufacturing being out at laguna beach. he hops on the 5, go over to the 405, hit highway 1 and, of course, if there's l.a. traffic, you don't have to worry about getting cancer because the blue print has to get to manufacturing to get the cancer proteens made. so the google map themself is really being able to look at a google l map and take that example of an l.a. highway system and put it on top of the cell. the dna is in the nucleus. the courier is what we call rna, and it follows protein highway systems to get to a component of the cell which makes these bad proteins. so right after the human genome project, we began to understand the blueprint -- it's difficult to change the blueprint. what welcome do very effectively is monitor these pathways, this highway system because the drug companies are very adept at putting it together, drugs that stop and block a highway system. so if we in diagnostics can present the google map of the cell to you, peter, as a doctor, you can look at that, and you can see what the courier is, and yo
Jan 26, 2013 6:30pm EST
and then being out in beautiful laguna beach. and a courier can hit the 405, the 33, the 401. the blueprint has to get to the manufacturing to get the cancer protein is made. the goal mouth of the cell is being able to look -- the google map of the cell is being able to look at the cell and put that out on top of the cell. the dna is where the cancer is. the rna follows protein highway systems to get through the cell to the area that makes the bad proteins. when technology comes together, we can begin to understand that it is difficult to change the blueprint. but what we can do is my mentor these pathways, these highway systems. -- we can monitor these pathways, these highway systems. we in diagnostics can present the goal mouth of the cell to you, the doctor, and you can give a drug to stop the careers progress. so it never creates a robins on that creates a bad cancer protein. -- creates a ribosome that creates a bad cancer protein. that is what we are working on, to look at a map of the cell and then offer a drug that shuts down the communication no bad proteins will be produced. >> what is
Jan 30, 2013 5:00am PST
santos laguna, se prepara para el partido en el universitario. >>> claro que hay partidos especiales, uno tiene la misma motivaciÓn para jugar todos los partidos. pero hay ciertos equipos, o ciertos estadios, o ciertos rivales que motivan. >>> el "tri" mexicano, llegÓ a phoenix para su amistoso contra dinamarca, comienza el calendario del 2013, el objetivo es clasificar al mundial, y la copa confederaciones, y la copa oro. el amistoso lo verÁn por unimas desde 9 de la noche del este, y 6 de la tarde en el pacÍfico. new orleans serÁ el escenario del super bowl 47, en una semana de muchas actividad, el sÁbado tendremose el tazÓn latino, con la participaciÓn de grandes leyendas de la nfl, y celebridades hispanas en un ptuego de fÚtbol americano, el sÁbado por univisiÓn, a la 5 del es, y 4 de la tarde en el centro. >>> y alex rodrÍguez estÁ en otro escÁndalo de esteroides, grandes ligas tratan de investigar y eximinar los vÍnculos del jugador, con una cellua de distribuciÓn de sustancias. se dice que alex usÓ sustancias prohibidas, su carrera llegarÍa a su fin, sin embargo n
Jan 1, 2013 11:30am PST
from muni. i personally knew three senior citizens who were killed at geary and laguna. so, i was at the meeting to get the limited stop, okay. what i see is the city's growing and gentrifying very fast. sometimes when you do things fast, you might be a little sorry afterwards. so, i'd like to support everyone else here who feels the sense of community in the city and also whenever i'm in chinatown, north beach, downtown, my husband and i, we stop and we help the tourists. we give them directions. you get off at powell between washington, you don't know where chinatown is. okay. so, in the interest of making the quality of life and transportation in san francisco better, it seems like we need to slow down, february 1st is not going to work, and rethink this thing. and in the beginning when we had the emergencies, these day or two and i give all the employees credit, the word used was "cost-effective." so, the gentleman who did the work to fix the breakdown is we need to build that kind of city at the street level or whatever level where we don't have more pedestrian transit ac
Jan 15, 2013 1:00pm EST
're going to go to the search box on facebook looking for what your friends like in laguna beach or what surfers like and you don't get what you're looking for, you're going to want to go to the web, but you're already going to be affected to bing default traffic on facebook is bing. those who want to go to the web is going to build traffic for bing. that is good for microsoft and probably a negative for google h. >> that's why we see microsoft stock up perhaps a third of a percent. you know, you have been very enthusiastic about this. yelp is now down 5.3%. are there ore companies that you think are going to get hurt by this particular announcement? >> some of them are not public, but foursquare is a company that's built itself on this kind of recommendation and if facebook gets this right, it could be bad for a number of private internet companies like foursqua foursquare. >> i think foursquare will do well in the long run, but, you know, it's something i can tell you in their office right now they're like really wondering. >> fascinating. >> scott, do you want to comment? >> i apologi
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm EST
fuego, hoy son lagunas azul turquesa. ♪ para los cineastas sudafricanos peter y stefania lamberti, las maravillas submarinas de los arrecifes de las maldivas son causa suficiente para visitarlas. ♪ pero en este viaje van en búsqueda de algo más extraordinario. ♪ por derecho propio, la raya Águila ornamental es una criatura del océano del sur de china. a 4,800 kilómetros de las maldivas. ♪ (peter) en un viaje anterior a las maldivas, escuché de un instructor que trabajó ahí que había visto una raya Águila extraña. sonó fascinado con su inmensa cabeza similar al delfín y sus extrañas marcas. no aparecía en ningún libro. así que vinimos a documentarla. (stefania) por la información que nos dieron los científicos en sudáfrica, sabemos que... la raya Águila ornamental jamás ha sido filmada en el océano Índico. y es muy emocionante saber que podríamos ser las primeras dos personas en hacerlo. ♪ (narrador) habiéndola visto sólo una vez, peter y stefania saben que las probabilidades de encontrar a la raya Águila ornamental son pocas. pero sienten que esta cr
Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm EST
personas lo llaman tiburón cebra. (narrador) en las lagunas bajas alrededor de las islas del archipélago de bazaruto, una pequeña criatura jugó un rol importante en la historia del océano Índico. en el clímax de la época de intercambio africano... conchas pequeñas se usaron por marineros como lastre para los barcos y después como intercambio monetario por bienes orientales. (stefania) otra criatura que habita estas aguas es el escudo de mar también conocido como galleta de mar o dólar de la arena. porta una interesante leyenda del nacimiento y la muerte de jesús. de un lado tiene tatuada la estrella que apareció con los pastores y del otro lado tiene los cinco pétalos de la flor de navidad que nos recuerda el nacimiento de jesús. y adentro... si la abres hay cinco huesos blancos que se parecen a la paloma de la paz. (narrador) estas legendarias islas están repletas de abundantes historias que surgen de una cultura africana antigua. ♪ [macerando] ¡plum,plum,plum! muchas de estas historias se mantienen vivas por el sangoma, el hombre sabio del pueblo. [hablando idioma nativo
Jan 3, 2013 7:00am PST
laguna era muy profunda pero al fin sacaron al animal que temblaba de frío, les saluda michelle galván y arizona paga caro la ley de detener a personas sospechosas de ser indocumentados. >>> phoneix atrae a cilentes a su reunión y las autoridades dicen que es un concepto erroneo quephones no celebra la dvierssidad. >>> por dos años, adriana se ha negado solicitar una visa permanente. >>> esto por miedo de cuánto tiempo tendría que salir del país, haber esperado podria beneficiarles. >>> no cambia lo que se solicita, ahora se pide el perdón con la persona estando en los estados unidos, ante con la persona sujeta al castigo. >>> el dpeto de seguridad interna desarrolló el regalmento general. >>> en méxico es un sueño y valió la pena. quienes califican podran solicitar la residencia sin salir del país. >>> al salir, estas personas necesitan un perdón por el tiempo acumulado. >>> las persoans con crímenes o que hayan sido deportados no son elegibles. >>> son pocos casos como los que vemos en la historia. la primera impresión es la que cuenta según una encuesta donde se pregutn
Jan 11, 2013 6:00am EST
've got nothing on that. >> been there, done that. i love the mothership. >> laguna is how far from you? >> i can't complain. i'm not complaining. >> you've got a lot of traffic. that's what i'm hanging my hat on. >> there you go. not at this time of morning. >> no. see you later. >> take care, man. >>> coming up, what do hedge funds and advertising agencies have in common? more than you think. how they're invading madison avenue. that and is more when we return. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >>> squawk is back. he's changing madison avenue in the process. he's an optimization engineer with choice stream. it's good to see you. saw you on the cover of ad week this week. it talked about you a
Jan 14, 2013 8:00am PST
. the rebuilding of the academy of science in golden gate park. the rebuilding of our public hospital laguna honda this is on going work with the same contract ors that move successful apprentices from one project to another and keep them working for several years. the construction workers of the future to be the superintendents the construction owners. that's the perfect thing there. that's success.
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)